Abs Exercises for Better and Toned Abs

Abdominal Exercises for Women

Being in proper shape and size is loved by everyone and many people sweat out hours at the gym trying to get the physique they always wanted. Without the proper knowledge and the right workout routine for abs most people don’t get anywhere near to the desired outcomes.

There are many better ways for getting the right core and let me show how it can easily be done.

Here is a list of excellent abdominal movements that are designed to mix to any regimen as seen fit. These exercises for female six pack abs work great and are believed to deliver great outcomes over the time. You can read Ben Pakulski’s guide MI40x for in depth learning.

Reverse-Cable-Crunch-2[1]01. The Exercise – Cable Reverse Crunch

To perform the particular female six pack abs exercise firstly, an ankle strap can be attached to the cable and later on you can lower down the pulley to the machine bottom. Sit in front of the machine that helps in holding the legs together.

Ankle strap must be tied around, and then you can lie back on floor. Your legs should be pulled over your hips and should be bent around 90 degrees. Extend arms along the sides.

Your hips must be brought down your knees towards the head keeping as far as possible. Pause for a moment at top, and then slowly uncurl back to the starting position, resisting the pull of the return.

Tip: You can use a lighter weight for the certain female six pack abs exercise and can focus on the form and control.

02. Abs Exercise –  Cable Rope Crunch

cablecrunch1[1]A rope must be attached to cable and raise pulley.

A rope must be held in each hand. Now, kneel down towards the machine and draw both rope ends to either side of the head and your hands are by the ears.

Your arms must be locked in the right place.

Your hips must kept steady while performing this female six pack abs exercise, now reach your elbows while curling down towards the quad, contracting the abs and exhaling hard.

Pause a moment, then slowly return back towards the beginning.

Tip: You can use an exercise bike for indoor gym if you are a beginner.

03. Abs Exercise – TRX PENDULUM

Firstly, set the TRX 4-6 inches above floor. Place the hands above the head and underneath your shoulders and secure feet through the cradles. Extend the legs so you’re in a suspended plank with the feet little low than the hips.

04. Abs Exercise – Rope Climb Crunch

Lie on backside slightly having your knees bent, feet must be flat on the floor and your lower back must be arching naturally for this female six pack abs exercise. Imagine that there isn’t a rope that hangs from the ceiling and must drop right through the chest. You must reach up having both arms towards the rope and curl the shoulders and head up off the floor.