Complete Buying Guide for Electric Weed Eater

It is not unusual to find weed in certain areas of your garden. While you can uproot these malicious plants with your hands, it’ll take a lot of strength, and you might even injure yourself in the process. This is why some special garden tools are required for preventing weeds from taking over your garden. An example of these tools is the weed eater.

Weed eaters come in several different varieties. The electric weed eater is one of the most sought after of these different types. Perhaps you’re thinking of purchasing one yourself. Here is a simple detailed guide to help you out.

Considerations For Buying An Electric Weed Eater

1. Corded vs. Cordless

The corded electric weed eater models are less expensive and less bulky when compared with the cordless variant. However, the presence of a cord that is usually plugged into a power source can limit how far the machine goes. As such, they are only suitable for small gardens and may not even be able to get to the corners and edges of the lawn. Besides this, they can be a little noisy. However, you can block the noise by wearing hearing protection.

While the cordless electric version may not work with a cord, they come with rechargeable batteries on which they rely for power. The battery is what makes this particular model the heavier option of the two electric weed eater types. Though they reach farther distances, their batteries often run down quickly, thereby limiting the time duration for which they can be used. Even worse is the fact that they take many hours to recharge.

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2. Individual Lawn Requirements

Always consider the type of weed you have in your lawn before purchasing a weed eater. Some plants are difficult to cut; others are not so hard to deal with. If you’re stuck with stubborn weeds, make sure to buy a corresponding strong weed eater.

3. Shafts

Electric weed eaters usually come with a variety of shafts. A majority of the electric weed trimmers out there have either a straight shaft or a curved one. Some other models feature rotating heads for additional functions. The straight shafts are designed to have longer reach. This makes them better for tall users, especially when cutting the weeds that are beneath bushes or under the shrubs. On the other hand, Curved shafts have bent tips. They are not heavy to hold and more comfortable to handle.

There are as well other models with split shafts. This shaft style is designed to accommodate edging blades, leaf blowers as well as other yard tools to accelerate the weed trimming process. Check for the best battery-powered weed eater reviews.

4. Cost

Many things affect the price of a weed eater: The way different versions function differs, they don’t offer the same reach, they provide varying power, and each model has its peculiar features. Depending on the particular brand and the quality of this garden tool, the retail price of a weed eater ranges between $100 and $124 or more. The prices of the machine tend to fluctuate. Even so, some online dealers offer theirs at a discounted rate. Beware of those cheap weed trimmers because they tend to be of lesser quality.

Features of an Electric weed Eater

Manufacturers include new features in their weed eaters every time. This is because they are aware of the fact that users are always looking for machines that are fitted with the best features. Always read the description of the weed trimmer before you even think about buying it. Usually, a list of all the characteristics that the equipment has is provided to customers. These are some of the details you should watch out for:

  • Longer cord
  • No emissions
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Come with shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • No maintenance needed
  • Low cost

Where Can You Buy Electric Weed Eaters From?

You will find weed trimmers available in many supply stores selling garden tools and equipment. Many stores like this even allow people to rent the machine. If you’ll be needing a trimmer for only a short period, you can borrow.

Another source from which you can purchase an electric weed eater is the internet. You can check out various models as well as their multiple prices via the internet. You’ll be faced with many options from which you can easily choose one.


One of the things that make an electric weed eater last long is adequate and regular maintenance. Therefore, as you’re choosing your weed trimming machine, make sure to also put all maintenance measures in place.

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