Parachute Mattress Company Unmasks Its First Bed

Contemporary customer friendly bedding company; Parachute joined the bed market with the introduction of it’s first-ever mattress on January 17.

The bedding company came into the limelight in 2014 and almost immediately became a well-recognized online bedding and bath linens brand, with their services that included bath towels, duvets, home décor, beds for pets and amazing laundering products.

They were widely accepted because of their excellent customer service experience and quality bedding products that they offer. The company however extended to retail services in 2016 and launched its first ever store in Venice, California and between then and now, four additional stores have been launched in Oregon, New York and California.

After being widely celebrated and respected for its fascinating sheets and linens, the company made a great decision to join the mattress market by developing its own mattress to perfect their customer’s sleeping experience.

The new introduced bed which was named ‘The Mattress’ possessed beautiful top layers that were made from 100% organic cotton and New Zealand wool. The deck beneath the mattress is designed with handcrafted tuft pockets that have a quality steel coil system that was developed with some ergonomic zones in mind; this is to ensure that the mattress helps to ease pressure points and aid spine alignment.

Another interesting fact about ‘The Mattress’ is that it is 13 inches tall thereby creating enough space for your legs. The Mattress was built to last, and all materials used in its production are non-toxic and very eco-friendly.

The Mattress is manufactured by the experienced artisans with quality materials that will give all kind of sleepers the comfort and support that they would need to have a great sleeping experience.

Another fantastic effort that was made by the Parachute Company before the production of ‘The Mattress’ is that they went around asking for customers recommendations about what they did like to have in a perfect mattress. So, this is what makes this particular bed stand out from all other cheap beds that are made with foams circulating in the market today.

During the production of this astounding mattress, the Parachute beddings CEO; Ariel Kaye made it known that the production team first identified the things that they do not want to include in the bed. These things included adhesives finishes, latex, chemical flame, and foam. In her explanation, she said the team only wanted to include high-quality materials that everyone would understand and appreciate.

Parachute Mattress

Yes, ‘The Mattress’ is absolutely Foam Free!

Putting into consideration how celebrated hybrid and foam beds have become over the years. It was quite surprising how Parachute intentionally decided not to include foam in the production of their bed.

CEO Ariel Kaye elucidated that in her company’s opinion, latex and foam mattresses tend to lack durability as they can change and deteriorate in texture and become unsupportive to the body within a few years. However, this is not the same with beds that are made by Parachute Beddings which possess amazing internal coils and soft wools that would aid durability and fantastic sleeping experience.

In the same bid to show the uniqueness of the Parachute mattress to the society, the Parachute Company will make provision for complimentary white glove deliveries which will include both setting up the new bed and the removal of the old one for free.

At this moment, the purchase of ‘The Mattress’ which is currently available in 48 contiguous states and several online stores, provides you with a trial of 90 nights and also a limited warranty for 10 years. So you can try out your new bed and can return it if you don’t like it, returns are also free within the 90 days trial. How amazing is that? The bed is also quite beautiful and will absolutely add a stylish design to your bedroom space.

The Mattress is designed to fit almost all the bed frames in the market. The parachute mattress comes in different sizes and is also pocket-friendly as the prices range between $1,299 and $2,199. This means that you get a quality sleep experience at an ideal price.

The parachute mattresses come in different sizes like King, Queen, Short Queen, Full, Twin etc, and currently you can purchase a queen sized parachute mattress at any retail store for $1,899. Comfy mattress compare mattress sizes like queen vs short queen, may you check there if you confuse about mattress size.

Although the Parachute Company has refused to divulge all their plans for the future concerning the production of more beds, they did ascribe to the fact that they would introduce new categories of products and also create more retail stores in 2019.

CEO Ariel Kaye has also made it known that by the year 2020, the Parachute Company would have established 20 stores. However, as time goes on, we will always keep you informed about new moves that are being made by the Parachute Beddings Company.