Rowing Machine Workouts Benefits

Rowing machine exercise is an excellent way of maintaining fitness and toning the full body. This article will discuss the benefits of rowing machine exercises and how you can perform it correctly.

9 Advantages of Rowing Machine Exercises

Rowing Machine Workouts Benefits

1. Effective in Calorie Burning

Rowing machine workout works as gasoline for the stored fat. If you do any rowing machine exercise for ten minutes, you will burn approximately 100 to 200 calories depending on your body weight, workout intensity, and resistance.

2. Great as a full-body workout

The muscles of upper back muscles and a rowing machine workout focus on your core, biceps, chest, hamstrings, forearms, and quadriceps. So, you will able to get a full-body exercise from just one machine without using so many.

If you are new to and finding a rowing machine then check here 9 best rowing machine for beginners it helps to full-body workout also suitable for beginners.

3. Increases muscle strength

Exercises in a rowing machine help improve the upper body’s strength and increase the level of endurance or stamina. Many studies have shown that this workout helps regain muscle strength in spinal cord injury.

4. Incredibly beneficial for the lungs and heart

It helps to improve lung and heart function. While doing rowing, one breath and sweat in more oxygen depending on the number of sets, reps, and resistance. It makes the heart work harder for meeting the demand of oxygen.

5. Helps to build muscle

It activates body muscles efficiently. While resting and sleeping, the body muscles rebuild themselves as thicker and more robust to give a lean look and make the body healthier.

6. Low-risk and low-impact activity

Rowing is excellent for the people who are suffering from the pain of knee joint or arthritis, as it is a low-impact exercise. Here the risk of injury is also significantly lower. You can do three sets of 15 reps at the start and gradually increase the level of resistance. All you need to do is be careful about your ability and not push yourself beyond your limit.

7. Efficient in toning the arms

This exercise works efficiently on the arms, especially the wrists and triceps. When you extend and pull the handle of rowing, it helps in toning the forearms and triceps. So, after a period, the arms start to get more toned and slimmer.

8. Lessens disease risk

The fat of the upper body is closely connected to the metabolic problems of obesity. If you can get rid of the upper body’s fat, it will help reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases.

9. Decreases belly fat

Rowing works on the ab muscles. It is a good cardio exercise and burns a significant number of calories. So, it can help in toning up the belly region and shredding overall fat.


5 Great Rowing Machine Exercises

I. Row warm-up

Before start, a session of rowing machine exercise to warm-up is a must. Here is how to warm up properly.


  1. Sit and hold the handle by extending hands, engaging core, and keeping the back straight.
  2. Put legs on the leg rest and open them.
  3. Pull the row toward the chest.
  4. Gradually get the hands back to the position from where it started.
  5. Repeat five times.
  6. Move forward by pulling the handle
  7. Repeat five times.
  8. Pull the pulley handle while extending hands, bend the knees, and slide on it.
  9. Slide backward while pulling the pulley handle.

II. Simple rowing

  • Sit and place feet on leg rest.
  • Extend arms while firmly grabbing the handle. Ensure about not hunching back and keeping the abs tight.
  • Push and straighten the legs until completely extended while pulling the handle with extended arms.
  • Lean back and keep the arms extended.
  • Pull the handle toward the chest using back muscles. Squeeze the shoulder blades. Do not lean back.
  • Bend the knees to slide forward as you extend your hands.

III. Water rower exercise

It is similar to the previous one. The only difference lies in the design of the machine.

IV. Power curls

  • Perform the simple rowing three times.
  • While going back and bringing the handle closer to the chest, curl the hands. Curl with as flexed elbows as while doing bicep curls.
  • Uncurl, slide forward with bended knees.
  • Repeat 5-8 times.

V. Sprints or extreme rowing

  • The only difference between this one and the regular one is that you will not take the handle back here. You have to raise the rowing speed and stop in the position of Drive.
  • Repeat as many times as you can within 1 minute.
  • You can increase the duration and rowing speed to intensify the session.


Rowing machine exercises are excellent to burn calorie. Row two times a week to increase the strength and tone the upper body. By doing these exercises, you will witness a significant difference in your health, energy, and appearance.